Celebrating Charlotte & Davide's Story
I completed the brand design for Charlotte & Davide's wedding. Learning about their story, I first created an invite which revealed another relationship fact as you opened up the folds. I designed all the visual elements for their wedding - a website, RSVPs, thank you's, name cards, a seating plan, a menu, a programme, wine labels and tables names. The theme of icons, mountains and flowers that represented their home - the Italian Alps - was part of every single piece created.

Memories That Last a Lifetime
Once the wedding ends, there is the time after to reflect. I created keepsakes that Charlotte & Davide can have for years to come. This included tea towels showcasing the different designs used during their wedding.
I also created a book for Charlotte, connecting with her close friends and family who provided special photos and words to bring a beautiful and meaningful gift together for her. 

Amelia has done a fabulous job, she not only created the perfect graphics for our wedding but she went far beyond our expectations! The designs perfectly matched the natural and romantic atmosphere created by the location and the decorations. Her attention to detail gave that extra touch to our day and we will be forever grateful to this amazing designer!
Charlotte & Davide

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